Innovative Solutions
Wide range solutions of plastic packaging for food products such as spreadables, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, beverages, ready meals and many more. Production facility equipped with latest technology production lines from leading European machine makers.
We Care About Environment
Our production process generates zero waste and all polymers used in the production are with the lowest carbon footprint, 100% recyclable.
Premium Quality
Outstanding Quality and competitive pricing, a great combination for your business.
Innovapak Advantage
Functional and Driven
by Innovation
Your reliable
partner for plastic
and sustainable
Strength of effective packaging
It’s a key factor in determining consumer’s preference and choice towards your product in today’s highly sophisticated market. Better packaging means more superior product, more business, simple as that.
Halk Hazyna is a leading manufacturer and supplier of – Innovapak - brand plastic packaging products in Central Asia. The company provides innovative choices, so you could select the optimal packaging solution to increase your efficiency in business and transform your product.
Our Production Lines

We are in partnership with leading industry experts and rely on latest technologies of European and North American machine makers.

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