About us
Halk Hazyna, strategically located in middle of Central Asia, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of first class plastic packaging products in the region, sets the industry standards of Excellence from development of aesthetic designs, manufacturing in latest European production lines, to supply of innovative foodservice packaging solutions.
Mission: Become a global packaging provider by raising the standard for innovative designs, light-weightedness of final products, sustainability in production and overall high product quality, all while running efficient production and providing our customers with the best value in the industry.

Our Values

Excellence: We know for a fact, there is always a room for improvement. What drives us in our everyday work is we constantly look for ways to make incremental steps towards perfection in our production, in order to come up with ideal solutions and serve our communities with better products. .

Efficiency: We have a company culture in place and our whole operations revolve around efficiently utilizing our production capacities, human and capital resources, while fostering disciplined approach to controlling costs. A culture that constantly seeks improvements in efficiency, applauds and rewards clever solutions to improvements in this direction.

Partnership: We believe that a key recipe for long term success is building strong bonds with our customers and a society, a partnership that nurtures value to one another. We are in it for a long term by building a fruitful partnership with our customers; and providing them with exceptional products and services to the best of our ability.

Team: Among our company’s precious assets are our valued employees. We recognize that a key competitive advantage to our company’s success is a countless contributions of our team members who believe in our mission, work around the clock to come up with the most innovative ideas and serve our communities.

Growth: Strategic growth makes up the foundation of our long term strategy. We constantly strive to expand our production capacities, customer base by expanding the product segments we cater to.

Reliability: Customers choose us because they trust our quality and the swift responsiveness of our organization. We clearly understand the notion, a significance of a role the packaging of a product carries, across todays growing and ever demanding industries, therefore we, as a packaging provider, take our responsibility seriously and have made it our main company policy to maintain standard quality and to deliver on time.

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